tna, Dallas, acquired FOODesign, a Wilsonville, Ore.-based company that brings more than 20 years of experience in design, installation and service for total food processing plants. Alongside its existing portfolio of cutting-edge packaging, seasoning and weighing equipment, tna now offers a variety of FOODesign fryers and cookers, including kettle batch and continuous fryers as well as baking and toasting ovens and specialty roasting equipment for meat, poultry, seafood, snack and bakery industries. 

“This move underlines our commitment to servicing our customers’ growing needs for flexible and efficient turnkey solutions,” says Michael Green, managing director at tna. “With FOODesign providing equipment to many of the Top 100 food processing companies in the world, the acquisition gives tna access to all the necessary skills, networks, market knowledge and relationships to provide customers with a new choice in processing equipment—from fryers and feed systems to packaging and controls. We are confident that we can add value to our customers’ entire line and achieve significant economies of scale.”

“Joining the tna group is an exciting prospect for both our company and customers,” says Joseph Mistretta, president of FOODesign. “Up until now, our business has primarily focused on North America. Our acquisition by tna instantly opens up a wealth of opportunities, giving us access to a global and extensive sales network and maximizing our ability to service our international customer base more effectively.”

FOODesign will retain its brand and become integrated into the tna group.