Follow Your Heart, the Los Angeles-based maker of egg-free foods, launched a 100% plant-based whole egg replacer called VeganEgg.

VeganEgg is an entirely egg-free, cholesterol-free egg replacer that emulates the flavor, texture and functional properties of eggs, and even makes scrambles, quiches, frittatas, as well as replaces eggs in baked goods.

“Enormous amounts of water, resources and fossil fuels go into chicken and egg production, not to mention the inhumane conditions that many of these animals are subjected to,” says Bob Goldberg, president and CEO. “We have been working toward VeganEgg for over a decade now, and there were many challenges that we overcame before developing a product that could truly replace eggs.”

VeganEgg contains “algal flour” and “algal protein,” both derived from a natural microalgae.

“When we discovered that microalgae are a highly sustainable source of nutritionally rich ingredients, we immediately knew they could help us make better plant-based foods,” adds Goldberg.

VeganEgg is available online through for $6.99-7.99 for a 4-ounce package, equivalent to a dozen eggs, and boasts a 6-month shelf life.