Baskin-Robbins Canada has the scoop on ice cream consumption in Canada thanks to a national poll of adult consumers conducted by Leger Marketing, Canada, from June 20-23. The poll reveals that 31% of Canadians prefer flavors with chocolate, followed by 21% for the vanilla varieties.

The results also reveal that four in 10 Canadians enjoy ice cream at least once a week, while 66% of Canadians enjoy the sweet treat category to satisfy a sweet tooth, with 70% of women choosing the sweet tooth rationale compared to men (62%).

Also, two-thirds (65%) of Canadians prefer their ice cream served in a cone, with a cup or waffle bowl trailing closely behind (55%) and an ice cream sundae coming in third (47%).

"Satisfying a sweet tooth is more important than one might think," says Natalie Joseph, representative for Baskin-Robbins Canada. "Pleasing the palate with sweet treats is one of the finer moments in life, and we all need to celebrate these moments. We're honored and delighted to be a part of this fascinating industry and to serve a measure of joy and sweetness to our guests day in and day out."