Maple Hill Creamery, Stuyvesant, N.Y., unveiled new flavors to its line of 100% organic grass-fed dairy products.

Cream on Top is tart milk, topped with a “creamline” layer of artisanal-style yogurt. Flavors include Plain, Vanilla, Maple, Orange Crème, Wild Blueberry and Lemon.

The 12-ounce drinkable yogurt is pourable, portable and shareable, and comes in Plain, Vanilla, Maple, Orange Crème, Wild Blueberry and Lemon.

Also new is Fiore Di Latte Whole Milk Fresh Mozzarella, crafted by the artisans at Antonio Mozzarella with Maple Hill Creamery’s 100% grass-fed milk.

“Our product development process is a little different than most companies because we use only the highest-quality organic fruit and real flavor extracts, and don’t add any coloring, artificial flavors, gums or thickeners. We rely on real ingredients to flavor our products, not ‘natural’ flavors, which we think taste quite artificial and mask the unique flavor of our 100% whole grass-fed milk,” says Pete Meck, founding partner and vice president of operations and product innovation. “Using real food ingredients to subtly flavor our yogurt and kefir products also means that we have more added fruit than most brands do. And, like always, our amount of added cane sugar is about half of that for identical flavors of other organic brands.”