Unifiller, Canada, unveiled what is said to be its most versatile cookie dough depositor machine to date, the Uni-X Extruder.

Able to deposit viscous products like chunky doughs without damage, the Uni-X Extruder makes use of gentle extrusion technology to increase production yield and precision.

Ideal for stiff pastes, doughs, chunks, marzipan fillings, meat products and more, this versatile machine can be used as a cookie depositor, burrito depositor, meat depositor or even a dough portioner.

The machine’s programmable menu-driver interface with photo sensor has space for up to 40 recipes, and the ability to extrude sheets, rope and strands in addition to cutting shapes. Capable of up to 60 deposits per minute, the machine works at up to 790 pounds per hour.

Its compact, portable design includes a large hopper with 50-pound capacity.