Vulcan, Baltimore, Md., introduced a new restaurant combi that features both high performance and intuitive, simple operation.

The Vulcan ABC7-P Combi delivers the precision cooking chefs require with ease of use.

The Vulcan ABC7-P Combi puts the cooking professional in control to enhance, not replace, their capability. Vulcan’s exclusive ABC algorithm auto-sets the optimal humidity based on temperature. Thus, there is no need to program settings for every item and recipe on the menu.

Additional features include:

  • an integrated cooking probe for precision cooking of beef, chicken, fish and pork;
  • a multispeed air circulation fan that can be lowered to achieve perfectly even baking of delicate items;
  • pre-programmed humidity setting that negates the need to program every menu item and recipe; and
  • grab-and-go cutaway racks that provide safer access to pans.