Best New Retail Products Nominee

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Pete’s Living Greens, Carpinteria, Calif., debuted its newest product line, Pete’s Living Greens Living Strips, available in Baby Romaine, Spring Mix, Sweet Butter Blend, Italian Mix and Upland Cress varieties.

Each Living Strip comes in a patent-pending 100% recyclable plastic container, known as the Home Harvest Pack, with a revolutionary “root containment compartment,” giving consumers an easy, no-mess way to harvest only the leaves that they need by pulling or cutting them out of the top portion of the package.

“As we continue to grow, our focus is still on providing consumers with top-quality fresh and sustainable produce,” says Corrie Hutchens, senior director of marketing.

The new Living Strips are available at California-area retailers, including Safeway, Von’s, Albertson’s and Bristol Farms, with a broader expansion in foodservice and on the East Coast through 2017.