Emmi Roth, Fitchburg, Wis., wanted to be more independent, lower its operational costs, and above all, remain environmentally responsible. That is why the cheese processor installed an on-site anaerobic pre-treatment.

ADI Systems, the Canada-based manufacturer of the anaerobic system, was selected to design, build and commission a 1 MG ADI-BVF unit at Emmi Roth’s Platteville, Wis., plant to anaerobically pre-treat wastewater from Emmi Roth’s operations. This innovative technology offers ease of use, low energy consumption and low sludge hauling costs.

The ADI-BVF unit is well suited for dairy wastewater because it can reliably treat moderate-to-high concentrations of organics, suspended solids and fat, oil, and grease in a single stage—typically without the need for primary treatment. Emmi Roth’s investment in the anaerobic technology also allows the company to utilize biogas as a source of energy in the future, if desired.

The system is expected to be complete in June.