Ample Hills Creamery, New York, launched three special-edition ice cream flavors in collaboration with The Walt Disney Co., Burbank, Calif., and in celebration of Mickey Mouse’s 90th Anniversary.

This collaboration features Ample Hills’ first-ever custom-designed, square-shaped pints.

Triple Chocolate Surprise. Mickey first debuted in 1928 in Steamboat Willie, the first animated short with synchronized sound and the first major Disney hit. As a tribute to the time of black-and-white movies, a smooth chocolate malted ice cream is mixed with chocolate fudge birthday cake and swirled with velvety ribbons of dark chocolate buttercream frosting and Mickey-shaped white chocolate pieces bursting with even more fudge.

Confetti Celebration. By 1958, Mickey dawned his starry sorcerer’s hat, bested a broom and enchanted audiences with the debut of Disney magic. A celebration of these first magical moments includes a sweet cream ice cream with colorful confetti cake bites, ribbons of yellow buttercream frosting and yellow Mickey-shaped white chocolate candies filled with lemon cream.

Peanut Butter Jamboree. Inspired by peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, this is a smooth vanilla bean ice cream mixed with chunks of strawberry cake, swirls of peanut butter frosting and Mickey-shaped peanut butter pieces packed with house-made strawberry jam.

“In making these flavors, we found ourselves reflecting on the impact Mickey Mouse has had on our own lives throughout the years. He’s been a part of our family and our home through his television shows, movies, theme parks, toys and so much more. We are excited to bring his past and present to life through our ice cream,” says Jackie Cuscuna, co-founder and chief creative officer of Ample Hills Creamery.

The new pints also feature two compact built-in spoons, and can be found at Ample Hills store locations, as well as select Whole Foods and specialty retailers across the Northeast.