American Pasteurization Co. (APC), a Milwaukee, Wis.-based provider of high-pressure processing (HPP), acquired FreshCo Foods, a Milwaukee, Wis.-based end-to-end co-manufacturer of premium and specialty food products. As part of the acquisition, FreshCo was renamed APC Manufacturing.

APC Manufacturing boasts three CIA-trained chefs who work with clients on all aspects of product development – from concept creation and testing to packaging development and production. APC Manufacturing’s packaging capabilities include bag, squeeze pouch and container filling of almost any shape or size and induction seal application.

"APC Manufacturing was originally established as a standalone company to provide co-packing services to clients of APC. Its rapid growth has required an infusion of capital that’s best delivered by APC,” says Justin Segel, co-founder and CEO of American Pasteurization. “APC Manufacturing operates in the same building as APC, so it’s been an easy ownership transition.”

APC Manufacturing produces a variety of products, including hummus, fresh salsa, pico de gallo, salad dressing, baby food, macaroni and cheese, soups and stews, mashed potatoes and potato sides, stuffing, pasta salads, fresh salads such as tuna and chicken, sauces and marinades and peso and marinara. 

APC Manufacturing is also capable of co-packing guacamole and avocado-based products, fresh pasta and cooked pasta dishes, legume and bean dishes, grain and rice dishes, coleslaw and a variety of fresh dips.

“APC Manufacturing clients can take advantage of a full-service, turnkey process that provides co-packing and timely HPP services within the same facility,” says Segel. “Having manufacturing and HPP under one roof allows product to get into HPP faster, ensures the cold chain is maintained and eliminates an additional freight cost.”

The majority of APC Manufacturing’s clients also utilize HPP provided by APC.

In addition, APC offers a variety of assembly services, including lid application, date code application, product shrink sleeving and labeling, multi-pack building, banding and box, carton and sleeve erecting and packing.

“As more and more consumers migrate to online food shopping, we’ve established ourselves as a fulfillment and shipping partner for our clients,” says Segel.