Ashton Potter, Williamsville, N.Y., optimized its ProLinc technology solution for high-precision recall management dedicated to the regulated food and beverage space.

The enhanced SaaS-based ProLinc offering applies individualized, serialized identities to every ingredient and food item at any point in the value chain, beginning in the field and extending to the end consumer. The solution then stores these insights in a centralized, blockchain-enabled database to maximize data scalability, security and accessibility. Through a foundation of complete, cross-lifecycle traceability, ProLinc identifies anomalous practices in harvesting, processing, manufacturing and distribution.

ProLinc also enhances the ease of recall management by providing the backward and forward forensic data needed to rapidly identify and eliminate affected product. In the event the FDA announces a food recall, stakeholders can simply scan product to unlock highly detailed insights into an item’s genealogy, including the field in which ingredients were grown, the factory in which they were processed, the store in which they were sold and a host of additional contextual details. Contaminated food items can be isolated in real time.

ProLinc can now meticulously document growing and manufacturing practices and tax fulfillment efforts, and provide on-demand access to complete, verifiable records. This enables food and beverage companies to cooperate with the FDA and other government agencies without interrupting operational output.

Ashton Potter