Tommy’s Superfoods, San Francisco, introduced two new plant-based products.

Asian Fusion is a blend of seven vegetables, as well as non-GMO Tamari and seasoned with a proprietary, hand-crafted “Asian 5-spice” blend, including black sesame seeds.

Cauliflower & Purple Sweet Potatoes is a pairing of four unique vegetables, including purple sweet potatoes and green chickpeas, with Tommy’s original BBQ seasoning blend.

All Tommy’s veggie blends begin with whole vegetables, minimally processed and seasoned with unique all-natural, hand-crafted seasoning blends and fresh herbs.

“There are a lot of choices at the grocery store for consumers looking to eat healthier by following a plant-based diet,” says Doug Carlson, chief executive officer. “But, not all plant-based foods are healthy choices, and some can even be considered ultra-processed foods. Tommy’s is committed to providing consumers with the pinnacle of health by using whole vegetables that are flash-frozen to maintain maximum nutrients, freshness and seal in texture and flavor.”