Sysco has launched its Restaurant Readiness Tool, a first-of-its kind simulation that intuitively provides a comprehensive view of best practices, key considerations and essential supplies for operators reopening their restaurants as COVID-19 stay-at-home orders continue to ease.

The Restaurant Readiness Tool enables operators to tour a virtual restaurant where they experience an immersive, 360-degree view of the establishment. Users can navigate through the restaurant, clicking various icons for each area and foodservice role to learn about best practices for ensuring the health and safety of both guests and employees. This is accomplished through a series of videos, lists of recommended products and links to helpful services, all with seamless access to Sysco’s state-of-the-art shopping platform, Sysco SHOP. For more information, visit:

“Sysco’s Restaurant Readiness Tool was designed to simplify the re-opening planning process for operators as they navigate a constantly evolving dining environment,” said Brian Todd, Sysco’s senior vice president of merchandising and marketing. “To be at the heart of food and service means that we feel an urgency to provide these tools and resources for the benefit of all operators. We are committed to supporting restaurant businesses everywhere and ensuring that operators have the information they need to inspire consumer confidence in dining out.”

Operators will also find access to other tools, resources and services, including a Snapback Toolkit, which contains downloadable checklists for restaurant re-opening and information about how Sysco can help operators optimize their menu, including developing contactless menus utilizing QR codes.

Throughout the pandemic, Sysco has provided numerous tools, resources and services to help restaurants succeed during this challenging environment. Operators can find these resources on Sysco’s Foodie website, including access to webinars about reopening planning, as well as information about establishing takeout/delivery service, pop-up grocery markets and other platforms to help them succeed.

About Sysco
Sysco is a global leader in selling, marketing and distributing food products to restaurants, healthcare and educational facilities, lodging establishments and other customers who prepare meals away from home. Its family of products also includes equipment and supplies for the foodservice and hospitality industries. The company operates more than 320 distribution facilities worldwide and serves more than 650,000 customer locations. For fiscal 2019 that ended June 29, 2019, the company generated sales of more than $60 billion. 

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