This January, Coffee Mate will go where no creamer brand has gone before by bringing more coffee taste to your coffee (because sometimes, it doesn’t need to taste like anything else).   

Introducing new Unlocked by Coffee Mate: a first-of-its-kind line of coffee-flavored coffee creamers, designed to turn your kitchen into your favorite neighborhood coffee shop – no fancy machines or expensive equipment required. 

Inspired by the unique characteristics of various coffee blends, Unlocked by Coffee Mate cuts any bitterness of traditional black coffee, while adding a creamy richness and the taste of a gourmet roast to your mug.  

Available in Classic Colombian and Italian Espresso varieties, Unlocked will be sold in grocery stores and mass retailers nationwide beginning in January 2021. 

Product Details: 

  • NEW Unlocked by Coffee Mate Classic Colombian (32 fl. oz., MSRP $3.79): Bring the comforting taste of a full-bodied medium roast to your cup with new Unlocked by Coffee Mate Classic Colombian creamer. Flavors of richly roasted beans and bright, fruity notes – combined with creamer richness – create a coffee shop-level experience at home. 
  • NEW Unlocked by Coffee Mate Italian Espresso Roast (32 fl. oz., MSRP $3.79): Transform your morning coffee routine into an espresso-level event with new Unlocked by Coffee Mate Italian Espresso Roast creamer. With subtle notes of cocoa, smoky aromatics and a creamy texture, this creamer brings dark roast richness to any coffee blend.