Someone once told me, write what you know. And, here’s what I know. Today’s refrigerated and frozen food processors are at their prime, yet miraculously, are still improving and innovating.

From wastewater management programs and employee safety protocols to renewable packaging efforts and hydroponic, plant-based, better-for-you offerings, food and beverage manufacturers are marrying sustainability with new product development to become the ultimate end-all, be-all for the every consumer.

Our previous Plants of the Future cover stories used to cover basics —when companies introduced recycled packaging or installed energy efficient refrigeration controls.

Years ago, it was just about producing great-tasting food with a little bit of an energy efficient edge.

But today, it’s more than that. Automation, robotics, hydroponic farms, improving fuel efficiency, reducing food waste and more are just some of the features catapulting today’s manufacturing plants into tomorrow.

Companies like Albertsons, Tyson Foods, Living Green Farms and more are investing in preserving the future. Their manufacturing plants are futuristic, cutting-edge and poised to still produce great-tasting food, but in the most sustainable, eco-friendly manner possible.

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