Casper Brands' FatBoy ice cream sandwiches has launched two new flavors for 2021: Old Fashioned Vanilla ice cream sandwiches that features creamy old-fashioned vanilla ice cream between two graham cracker wafers; and their exclusive seasonal Sugar Cookie ice cream sandwich, which has been so popular it just became part of their permanent year-round offerings.

Need a dairy free and gluten free option? Jolly Llama, also a part of the Casper brands, has delicious vanilla ice cream sandwiches as well.

Not surprisingly, sales of frozen desserts like ice cream are up almost 17% from last year. This number has continued to increase month over month as consumers have continued to enjoy frozen comforts year round instead of just during the summer, a direct result of the pandemic.

Whether eaten alone, with friends and family or incorporated into elaborate cakes and desserts, there are many ways to enjoy a Casper Brands frozen dessert.