Tyson's Ball Park brand has rolled out Ball Park Fully Loaded Nacho Cheese Franks, a summer flavor mashup in one delicious frank that fans can enjoy at home. Tyson's Aidells brand also launched two new products: Cotija Cheese & Fire Roasted Poblano Smoked Beef Sausage Links, and Fire Roasted Tomato and Romano Cheese Meatballs. 

A recent survey found hot dogs are the most-loved foods at stadiums and arenas, with nearly half of American adults indicating that hot dogs are among their favorite foods to eat when visiting a large sports or event space. The next-most popular foods at stadiums and arenas include nachos and popcorn.[1]

Ball Park Fully Loaded Nacho Cheese Franks provide 7g of protein per serving, with 8 servings per pack. Suggested retail price of $4.99. Available starting this month, the indulgent, savory franks are made with real cheddar cheese and a unique seasoning blend with jalapeno, onion, garlic, paprika and lime, offering ballpark stadium flavor favorites in a convenient and fully cooked solution. The franks grill up in just 6 -10 minutes or heat up in seconds in the microwave.

Beloved for its chef-inspired, artisanal chicken smoked sausage and meatball varieties, Aidells brand is expanding its offerings with new smoked beef sausage and pork and beef meatballs, adding a delicious surprise to every bite.

Sausages and meatballs are mealtime must-haves for a growing number of families as at home cooking continues to remain steady. In particular, the premium smoked sausage category has grown 28% over the past year with more people looking for new recipe inspiration. While some have sought-out familiar flavors, many are looking for global flavor inspiration, and Aidells new smoked beef sausage and pork and beef meatballs deliver needed meal inspiration with bold flavor combinations.

Cotija Cheese & Fire-Roasted Poblano Smoked Beef Sausage Links

Made with premium, all-natural ingredients, the 100 percent smoked beef sausage packs a delicious punch, combining the mouthwatering flavors of cotija cheese and fire-roasted poblano. Each serving is loaded with 10 grams of high-quality protein. Fully-cooked, the sausages are great on the grill or can be prepared in the kitchen in minutes, adding even more savory flavor to any recipe or dish.

Fire-Roasted Tomato & Romano Cheese Meatballs

Sixty-three percent of consumers prefer meatballs that are made from beef or a beef and pork blend, but most don't have the time to make them from scratch at home. Made with all-natural ingredients and an Italian-inspired combination of quality meat, cheese, and bold spices, new Aidells meatballs provide more than 10 grams of high-quality protein. Fully cooked, and ready in minutes, the meatballs are the perfect pair for a variety of easy, and savory meals.

Aidells brand sausage and meatballs can be found in the refrigerated aisle of major grocery stores nationwide, as well as online.

[1]Research fielded via an online survey conducted by Prodege, a leading market research panel, between 3/12/21 and 3/16/21 among a nationally representative US sample of 1,000 Adults age 18+. Top three responses included: Hot dogs (49%); Nachos (43%); Popcorn (42%).