Milk Cult, a Washington D.C.-based ice cream company, is launching four hand-crafted, made from scratch ice cream novelties at Whole Foods. Over the last decade, Milk Cult has created more than 100 ice cream flavors with locally sourced dairy from Maryland and Pennsylvania, with four of its best creations including two vegan options for national wholesale.

The following are now available at Whole Foods in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Southeast and Southern California: 

Ice Cream Sandwiches (SRP - $3.29 - $3.79)

  • Avocado Ice Cream Chocolate Wafer - 4.4oz (Vegan)
  • Vanilla Ice Cream Chocolate Chip Cookie - 4.4oz

Dippy Boys (SRP - $3.29 - $3.79)

  • Vanilla Ice Cream Chocolate Shell Potato Chip - 3.2oz
  • Makrut Lime Candy Shell Crispy Rice - 3.2oz (Vegan)

The inspiration for flavor profiles comes from collaborations with a few of D.C's Michelin-starred restaurants and James Beard award winners including Chef Seth Wells of Rose's Luxury and Chef Tom Cunanan formerly of Bad Saint. 

“It's taken eight years and a lot of trial and error to hone in on the four distinct flavors for our ice cream sandwiches,” said Ed Cornell, Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Milk Cult. “We put attention into every detail and step of production from the flavor profiles to the selection of ingredients, the assembly process and resulting texture.”

Founded in 2013 in Washington D.C., by two friends turned co-founders, Milk Cult began as a mobile vending ice cream company. The duo noticed the ice cream food category lacked innovation from the natural food perspective. Since then, Milk Cult has grown through local grocery channels and was met with intense consumer demand. 

“Consumers are smart and can tell when something is hand-crafted, yet there was a lack of options and choices in ice cream novelties,” said Pat Griffith, Milk Cult co-founder. “It was a space where we thought better products could be made and we wanted to build something from scratch. We were always intentional about the product.”

Milk Cult is available at select locations for the following retailers Whole Foods, Union Kitchen Grocery, MOM’s Organic Market, Foxtrot, Amazon Fresh, Peapod by Giant, Glen’s Gordon Market, Dimes, Park Slope Food Coop, Greene Grape, Farmers Daughter, Streets Market, roots Market, Mrs. Greens Natural Market, Odd Provisions, Sugar Box, City Acres Market, and Brooklyn Fare. 

About Milk Cult

Founded in 2013 by Ed Cornell and Pat Griffith, Milk Cult, is a popular Washington D.C.-based ice cream company which has quickly grown from a local pop-up to a national brand with a cult following that now retails in three new Whole Foods regions. Milk Cult offers hand-crafted, made from scratch ice cream novelties and specializes in both dairy and vegan options.