Silver Fern Farms will launch its first Net Carbon-Zero Certified beef products in the U.S. this month, marking a commitment to a regenerative farming future that will eliminate the use of coal by 2030.   

Consumer concerns are rising with respect to the sustainability of the current food system, including investing in electricity and biomass, smart lighting, hot water system management and overall water use reduction. Silver Fern Farms is committed to supporting its farmers to contribute to these goals, through knowledge transfer and market-led incentives. 

In 2022, Silver Fern Farms will put a special focus on co-funded projects with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority to halve Silver Fern Farms’ coal consumption by 2023 and reduce by two-thirds by 2025.

About Silver Fern Farms 
Silver Fern Farms is New Zealand’s largest grass-fed lamb, beef, and venison producer, supplying the U.S. from the rolling pastures in New Zealand and striving to set the world standard in red meat. Starting as a small farmer co-operative in 1948, they produce 30% of all New Zealand lamb, beef, and venison in partnership with 16,000 farmers, and export to over 60 countries.