Nasoya, a leader in the plant-based foods revolution and maker of the country's No. 1 brand of tofu, is debuting its premium Plantspired Steak at grocers nationwide this spring. The initial availability at Albertsons, Vons and Pavilions stores follows a successful 2021 launch at nearly 200 WaBa Grills, the healthy, fast casual rice bowl chain.
Nasoya's Plantspired Steak features tender steak-like strips that are marinated then charcoal-grilled to perfection over an open flame, boasting 14 grams of plant-based protein per serving.  Available in a Korean BBQ variety, Plantspired Steak is crafted with non-GMO ingredients and made from soy protein paired with a flavorful sauce with notes of sweet, savory and smoky bulgogi flavor. Plantspired Steak simply needs to be warmed before enjoying on its own or serving as the star in a variety of dishes like rice, salad, grilled veggies, noodles, soup and more.
 Retailing for $6.99, shoppers can find it in their produce aisle.
"Consumers are looking for sustainable choices when they head to the supermarket and opting for plant-based meats is one of the best choices they can make to reduce their carbon impact," said Ellen Kim, director of strategy and marketing communications of Nasoya. "Steak is one of the last categories to present a truly delicious plant-based alternative and we think we have cracked the code and have a product that will deliver in flavor, texture, nutrition and even price."
The introduction of Plantspired Steak is an extension of Nasoya's Plantspired line of plant-based proteins and meal solutions, including tofu Toss'ables, marinated TofuBaked and Superfood 

About Nasoya
For over 40 years, Nasoya has been a leading provider of natural and organic foods. Part of the family of brands at Pulmuone, a company synonymous with authentic, wholesome products and the highest quality of ingredients, Nasoya believes in creating great-tasting, healthy, convenient snacks and meals for every eating occasion. Product offerings include tofu, high-protein tofu, Kimchi, Kimchi Relish, Asian-Style Vegan Wraps, Asian Noodle Kits & Dumplings, low calorie/low carb Pasta Zero noodles, and a variety of Plantspired products including TofuBaked, Toss'ables, Superfood Skillets and many more.