Blue Circle Foods is partnering with Spicewalla to take holiday party bites to the next level with the launch of Chili Lime Salmon Shorties, an innovation made for those foodie people who always bring the best dish.

Salmon Shorties are delicious miniature salmon sausages, about an inch and a half long, that are easy to serve and bring a retro vibe to an appetizer spread. Small but mighty, these bite-sized savory cuties are perfectly seasoned with Spicewalla’s Chili Lime Seasoning and hardwood smoked for mouthwatering classic sausage flavor. 

These mini links can be served alone, with avocado crema dipping sauce, or (you guessed it) bundled up in pastry like pigs in a blanket. 

“Blue Circle Foods is hooked on bringing culinary twists, like ‘fins in a blanket,’ to dinner tables across America,” said Nina Damato, managing partner of Blue Circle Foods.

Salmon Shorties are made with the best ingredients and without the bad stuff - no nitrates, added sugar, added hormones, antibiotics, synthetic colors, or fillers.

“Quality and freshness are the cornerstones of our partnership with Spicewalla. Their dedication to taste and importing in small quantities from quality suppliers creates a fresher and more flavor-packed spice blend.”

Blue Circle Foods is known for its exceptional Norwegian Atlantic Salmon and trailblazing sustainability practices in aquaculture (fish farming). For every pound of salmon it produces, Blue Circle Foods takes less than half a pound of fish out of the ocean. This is called net protein production.

Salmon Shorties are available for a limited time only, online for $12 and at Pop-Up Grocer in New York City for $6. 


About Blue Circle Foods
Blue Circle Foods is an employee-owned sustainable seafood company founded in 2005 by organic industry pioneers. The brand is dedicated to sustainable practices, fair labor initiatives, and producing the highest quality seafood available. Committed to sourcing fish that is free from antibiotics, growth hormones, GMOs, or synthetic pigments, the brand is regularly audited by third-party organizations like Trace Register, IMO, MSC, and more. Blue Circle Foods is available in select grocery stores including Meijer, MOM’s, Harris Teeter, Grocery Outlet, Food Bazaar, HyVee, HEB, Fresh Thyme, and more. Blue Circle Foods is also the parent company of Changing Seas, a line of sustainable seafood products sold exclusively at Whole Foods.