Armored Fresh, a food tech company specializing in alternative dairy products, has just released a new addition to its zero-dairy cheese product lineup, Oat Milk Pepper Jack Slices. Fiery jalapeños and rich oat milk are combined to create the perfectly melty and savory cheese that’s delicious on burgers, grilled cheeses, sandwiches, quesadillas and more! Armored Fresh Oat Milk Pepper Jack Slices boast an identical taste and texture to any animal-based pepper jack cheese on the market. With an aroma of subtle heat, mild nuttiness, and slight umami, Oat Milk Pepper Jack Slices raise the bar of what a zero-dairy cheese should be, providing a tastier alternative for anyone avoiding dairy. Thanks to the brand’s patented technologies, Oat Milk Pepper Jack Slices have a melting property that is on par with that of dairy-based cheese, leaving no question of which one is which.  

Designed to give dairy-free individuals the chance to eat their favorite foods again, Armored Fresh crafted Oat Milk Pepper Jack Slices to add more flavor to the zero-dairy section of the grocery store. With a mission to improve worldwide health in an accessible manner, it was important to develop Oat Milk Pepper Jack Slices to be gluten free, zero dairy, and non-GMO, a healthier alternative for those with diet restrictions or who have food allergies and sensitivities. Free from artificial flavors and preservatives, Armored Fresh Oat Milk Pepper Jack Slices are a perfect option for clean eaters. With Armored Fresh’s swift entrance into national grocery stores, sacrificing on taste, flavor, and texture when it comes to plant-based cheeses will soon be a non-issue.

“In order to start making an impact on the planet at a greater scale, consumers need to have better options that aren’t simply alternatives to dairy-based foods, but that they truly crave because they’re so delicious they can’t tell the difference,” said Armored Fresh CEO, Rudy Yoo.  “From day one we have focused on taste and other senses like smell and mouthfeel to create outstanding zero-dairy cheeses that rival traditional dairy. Our new Oat Milk Pepper Jack slices are one of our most exciting launches yet, and we can’t wait for people to put them to the taste test!” 

Armored Fresh previously broke through the zero-dairy cheese industry with its well-loved lineup of products including cubed cheeses, Oat Milk American Slices, and Almond Milk American Slices. With plans to ultimately replace the consumption of dairy containing products, Armored Fresh is expanding the range of consumer choices through its fermentation technologies and cutting-edge product formulations. Armored Fresh’s delicious zero-dairy cheeses are a combination of innovative science and culinary art, with the company’s team of chefs and R&D scientists working hand-in-hand to create zero-dairy cheeses through the same process as dairy cheeses. 

Armored Fresh cheeses are available at select retailers nationwide, including Kroger, Fresh Thyme Market, Town and Country Foods, and Fred Meyer, as well as foodservice partners. 


About Armored Fresh
Armored Fresh specializes in developing truly delicious, alternative dairy products. The brand brings its innovative approach and award-winning zero-dairy cheeses that taste, melt, and replicate the mouthfeel of dairy-based cheeses to retailers nationwide. All Armored Fresh cheeses are Non-GMO and made 100% from plants, yet rival traditional dairy options in terms of taste and nutrition. The company offers a robust portfolio of delectable cheese alternatives, including Cubes, Slices, Shreds and Spreads.