Breakfast is served! Subway, Milford, Conn., said it has begun offering breakfast sandwiches in more than 25,000 Subway locations in the United States and Canada. Menu additions include a Western Egg White Muffin Melt omelet on a light wheat English muffin containing 4 grams of fat (See photo, left). The breakfast menu also features healthier sides such as yogurt and apple slices, as well as freshly brewed Seattle's Best coffee. Like all sandwiches and salads, Subway says it will prepare breakfast sandwiches right in front of customers to their specifications with all the choices available at a Subway restaurant. No other QSR offers personalized breakfast sandwiches. Customers can choose to have their breakfast sandwiches made on any seasoned 6-inch or foot-long breads, flatbread or light wheat English muffin.

Dunkin' Donuts, Canton, Mass., said it "baked up a new way for bagel lovers to take a bite of their favorite snack." New Bagel Twists feature Dunkin' Donuts' bagels -- twisted into a more portable, easy-to-eat shape -- are perfect for busy people on-the-go seeking a delicious snack to keep them running throughout their day, officials say. Bagel Twists are available in a variety of flavors including Cheddar Cheese, Cinnamon Raisin, Sour Cream and Onion, Pretzel Salt, Blueberry and French Toast. Bagel . Flavors vary by market and are available at the suggested retail price of $1.39 at participating Dunkin' Donuts restaurants.

Crain’s Chicago Business reported that Burger King has a national advertising blitz to promote a morning sandwich that's similar to McDonald's Egg McMuffin -- but cheaper (at $1). Advertising copy talks about the new "super affordable" sandwich featuring "egg, sausage and cheese on a toasted English muffin."
Noted Crain's, "In addition to the new muffin sandwich, which will likely supplant the Croissanwich, BK has launched a major breakfast assault with a series of product introductions such as the BK Breakfast Bowl for $2.79 and has added Seattle's Best Coffee to its menu, replacing coffee provided by Sara Lee Corp. The chain is expected to be making these new products available ahead of a more comprehensive U.S. breakfast platform launching in late 2010."