Stonyfield, Londonderry, N.H., hired Aki Technologies, San Francisco, to power its moment-targeted mobile campaign for Stonyfield organic yogurt. The goal of the mobile targeting strategy is to allow the Stonyfield brand to reach and engage consumers during the most receptive moments.

"In order to engage consumers on the ever-evolving mobile landscape, you have to meet them where they are and at the right time," says Liza Dube, marketing communications director for Stonyfield. "Aki's platform gives us the ability to understand the types of moments specific to our consumers—whether they reflect day-to-day activities or trending moments—and then target the moments that represent the best opportunity for engagement."

Aki's mobile moment platform looks at all of the available data signals from a mobile device, including but not limited to demographics, location, time of day, context, social and other triggers like weather and pollen count, to identify mobile moments. Further, Aki detects the apps installed on a mobile device for a deeper view into the consumer's behavior. This approach gives brands a clearer view of the mobile consumer journey.

Aki also provides detailed campaign performance, including moment-by-moment campaign insights as well as standard campaign reporting. This sets the stage for more effective optimization, while also providing a unique and detailed view into a brand's audience's mobile journey.

"The consumer experience is core to the efficacy of a mobile campaign," says Scott Swanson, co-founder and CEO of Aki Technologies. "Stonyfield understands that the best way to engage consumers today is to understand the kind of moments they experience and then, when the time is right, build on those experiences. The ability to complement a given moment is something that really needs to happen more in all advertising."