Cheese remains a staple of the American diet, but its odor, mess and difficulty to preserve deters most from cooking with it, according to a survey conducted by Yellow Door Creamery, Fairfield, N.J.

Among the findings of the study, “Cooking with Cheese at Home,” are as follows:

·         Nearly 90% of consumers feel that cheese enhances the overall taste and presentation of a dish.

·         More than 80% of respondents ate cheese every day or multiple times a week, yet over 60% claimed to avoid cooking with it at home due to its messiness and lack of taste.

·         70% of consumers said they would cook with cheese more often if those negative qualities were somehow able to be avoided.

As a result, Yellow Door Creamery created a line of innovative options to home chefs that resolve such issues typically associated with cheese.

“Yellow Door Creamery believes that cooking at home should be enjoyable, with taste a kitchen priority. We were not surprised by these revelations or that nearly 70% of those surveyed desired more flavorful cheese products with a global influence. In response to these findings, we carefully crafted a new line of cheeses that all cheese lovers can enjoy,” says Ilana Fischer, vice president, innovation and strategy at Schuman Cheese. “The Yellow Door Creamery’s one-of-a-kind collection not only appeals to the senses through its unique flavor profiles, but it’s trendsetting approach will hopefully encourage consumers to enjoy cooking in their own homes.”