Canada-based Olymel announced plans to invest $11 million in its St-Henri-de-Lévis, Quebec, pork processing plant.

The expansion and modernization of the pork further processing facility will include new equipment designed to increase efficiency and boost production volume from 40 million to almost 60 million kilograms annually. The project calls for an additional 3,000 square feet, resulting in a total of 170,000 square feet. The expansion and redevelopment work also includes the addition of a smoker, chillers and production and packaging equipment to expand production of smoked products such as hams.

“Olymel continues to invest in modernizing and developing operations at its processing facilities in order to better meet the needs of customers and markets. This $11 million investment in St-Henride-Lévis is part of our commitment to remain a leader in our industry in Quebec and Canada, and to improve our competitive edge. To achieve its growth goals, Olymel has invested more than $250 million since 2015 in both its pork and poultry sectors," says Réjean Nadeau, president and CEO.

These changes are expected to create more than 30 jobs.

This facility produces smoked sausages and emulsions such as bologna, pepperoni, salami, mock chicken, smoked ham as well as other products.