Chicago-based IRI launch of next generation targeting solution, IRI Verified Audiences, which uses the industry’s most robust set of frequent shopper program (FSP) loyalty data to enable targeted campaigns based on actual purchase behavior. Purchase-based targeting results in campaigns that are said to achieve a 50-100% return on advertising spending compared to other targeting methods.

“We are leveraging the richest FSP loyalty data available from more than 120 million loyalty cards, dozens of other data sets, thousands of on-demand segments and sophisticated proprietary algorithms to offer the industry’s most precise targeting capabilities with IRI Verified Audiences,” says Andrew Appel, president and CEO. “Marketers continue to struggle with getting the right message to the right consumer at the right time because they are often relying on inaccurate or incomplete consumer data. With the verified purchase data available through IRI Verified Audiences integrated with our unmatched data sets, such as credit card purchase data, online click-stream data and mobile location data, we can help marketers seamlessly execute highly targeted campaigns to achieve maximum impact.”

IRI Verified Audiences provides the following:

  • Verified addressability. IRI Verified Audiences connects brands and retailers to consumers and shoppers based on verified spending for a particular category, sub-category, brand or product. These are exclusive, verified purchase-based audiences at scale, with 120 million loyalty card holders from various partners and retailers.
  • Enhanced accuracy and effectiveness. IRI Verified Audiences relies on verified purchase data as opposed to contextual and behavior-based audiences, providing more accurate and effective targeting.
  • Long-term view. IRI audiences are built on longitudinal data with a long-term view of the consumer, enabling advertisers to understand the consumer’s basket today and years ago. 
  • Most comprehensive category coverage. IRI can provide targeting and measurement for even the most complex and elusive categories, including deli, fresh, bakery, private label, convenience stores and more.