Wayne Farms, Oakwood, Ga., announced DUTCH QUALITY HOUSE products are now branded and sold under the WAYNE FARMS brand.

The conversion unveils new packaging, including cases and labels that feature WAYNE FARMS’ “Let's Talk Chicken” branding. Presented in an attractive, eye-catching master case design, the crisp, white master case showcases new graphics and the “Let's Talk Chicken” message. The packaging boasts two product labels for easy product identification in a warehouse, pallet or on display in a retail environment.

“The brand conversion supports the industry demand for a more impactful branding scheme,” says Alan Sterling, director of marketing at Wayne Farms. “We are focused on meeting the needs of food professionals in foodservice, retail and club stores. If the consumers they serve demonstrate greater brand loyalty to the WAYNE FARMS name, we welcome the opportunity to adapt to their needs. Our business is making their business stronger.”