Springfield Creamery, Eugene, Ore., added six new organic 100% grass-fed yogurts to its line of Nancy’s Probiotic Foods.

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These rich, cream-on-top-style yogurts are made with milk from grass-fed cows who enjoy a diet of organic grass and no grains. Nancy’s sources the milk from organic family-owned farms, all within 60 miles of Springfield Creamery. Plus, these 100% grass-fed yogurts contain 41 billion CFUs (Colony Forming Units) of live probiotics per 6-ounce serving at the time of expiration.

“Cows who eat a fully grass diet, including alfalfa, clover and other forages, produce milk with added nutritional benefits. This is due to the direct relationship between what cows eat and the levels of beneficial fatty acids in their milk. In other words, when cows eat well, so do we,” says Sheryl Kesey Thompson, co-owner and vice president of marketing. “With many choices in the yogurt aisle, we wanted to offer our customers a 100% grass-fed, organic option with the high probiotic counts they have come to expect from Nancy’s products.”

Nancy’s Organic Probiotic 100% Grass-Fed Whole Milk Yogurts come in Plain, Vanilla, Ginger Peach and Blueberry Lavender, in single-serve 6-ounce sizes (the Plain and Vanilla are also available in a 24-ounce container) for a suggested retail price of $1.99 and $4.99-5.69, respectively.

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