Lincoln Agritech Ltd., New Zealand, partnered with CertusBio, also based in New Zealand, to develop a robust, automated biosensor capable of continuous monitoring in commercial operating conditions.

Milk-Guard uses a lactose-specific enzyme to measure the percentage of dairy products present in waste streams and processing lines. These percentages are then automatically sent to a dairy plant process control room, where operators can monitor them and make changes to the production process if necessary.

This lactose biosensor technology is also robust enough for continuous monitoring applications where a single sensor can be used to make thousands of precise measurements within dairy plant wastewater. The technology relies on a “biosensor cartridge system” similar to a standard printer cartridge to increase the reproducibility of measurements and reduce maintenance requirements for process operators. Cartridges are replaced on a monthly basis (via courier) with used cartridges that are then recycled for further use.

The Milk-Guard device also accounts for all material entering and leaving a processing plant, liquid transfers within a plant and segregating raw materials containing high-value products.

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