M&M Systems, a wholly owned division of M&M Refrigeration, partnered with Banyan Hills Technologies to develop M&M Pulse, an Internet of Things (IoT) software solution that serves the industrial refrigeration industry with connectivity, insights and actions for equipment across individual or multiple facilities. M&M Pulse will leverage Banyan’s existing IoT technology and deliver visibility into facility operations using a cloud-based system that feeds real-time data to a dashboard, providing automation, data analysis and cost reduction capabilities. M&M Pulse can be integrated in one facility or across hundreds, and is an effective way to centralize data and accurately understand key performance indicators.

M&M Systems



Eaglestone Equipment

Eaglestone Equipment developed the 806 Series Food Grade Walkover, a raised walkway that allows pedestrian traffic avoid detours or the temptation to take unsafe shortcuts when moving from one side of a production line to the other. Choose from aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel and painted steel. Sealed diamond plate decks are available to work above lines, and open-grated decks with a polymer finish can be used for easy cleaning and ventilation. Plus, the kick rails range from the traditional 4-inch up to the new 24-inch standard. Configurations include steps up and steps down, steps up and ladder down or ladder up and steps down, etc. Steps can also be angled to maximize floor space.

Eaglestone Equipment


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