Wildbrine, a producer of naturally fermented plant based krauts, kimchis, srirachas, and salsas, recently launched two new flavors of sauerkraut, Organic Jalapeño Lime and Organic Caraway Apple, as well as a new kimchi, Mild Kimchi with Turmeric.

“Customers are always asking for a less spicy version of our Korean Kimchi, so creating our new mild kimchi was a no brainer. At the same time, some customers want a little spice in their kraut, so thus Jalapeño Lime was born,” says Chris Glab, co-founder of Wildbrine. “With the Caraway Apple we were looking to pay homage to the classic Eastern European recipe, and we couldn’t be happier with the end result.”

Wildbrine’s new products include: 

  • Jalapeño Lime Organic Sauerkraut: An ode to all things spicy and delicious, Jalapeño Lime Organic Kraut is tart with just a hint of heat and quite versatile with food. 
  • Caraway Apple Organic Sauerkraut: A wild twist on a classic recipe, the sweetness of the apples lightens up the sour in the sauerkraut.
  • Mild Kimchi with Turmeric: Koreans call mild kimchi ‘white kimchi’, since it has no spicy peppers to color it red. This ‘white’ kimchi is actually yellow, thanks to the healthy addition of turmeric, and delivers complex and delicious flavors without the heat.

All three new items can be found nationwide in most natural foods stores and select groceries. See Wildbrine’s product locator to search for each of these items by product and location.

About Wildbrine

Wildbrine is passionate about the impact of fermentation on food, experimenting with all the ways the natural transformation process of fermentation works and discovering new ways to deliver deliciously nutritious fermented products to consumers. The company is intensely committed to every step of the creation and production process, from fermenting vegetables to using organic ingredients to answering every customer’s questions. Founded by Chris Glab and Rick Goldberg, in 2011, Wildbrine is widely recognized as an innovator in the fermented foods and plant based marketplace.