When the term “TV dinner” was first introduced in 1953 by C.A. Swanson & Sons, Omaha, Neb., it was a generic trademark referring to frozen meals that came pre-packaged in aluminum trays. Over the years, the term “TV dinner” has transcended into frozen meals and entrées that come in plastic, sometimes recyclable trays.

Today, these same meals and entrées are made with premium ingredients and flavors, and produced in automated facilities that garner food safety certifications and energy efficient features.

The journey of the frozen foods industry is nothing short of remarkable.

That’s why this year’s Top 150 Frozen Foods Processors report outlines the milestones of many of today’s industry leaders.

These industry leaders have made headlines for a variety of positive reasons, whether it be their waste reduction efforts or their plant expansions and new facilities, which generate job growth.

As an editor and close confidante to many of these leaders, I thank them for taking me along their journey to growth and success. I invite industry leaders and up-and-coming processors to keep growing, expanding and changing with the times. And, I encourage the frozen foods industry to continue allowing me to share their news and spread their good fortune.

More importantly, I applaud the frozen foods industry for continuing to exercise resilience, determination and food safety, and for continuing to educate the industry on the importance—and health benefits—of frozen foods. Just a few short years ago, consumers expressed discontent with frozen foods, claiming them to be unhealthy. Now, the unlimited and ever-expanding amount of options in retailers’ freezercases, along with several market research reports proves that shoppers are still spending their hard-earned dollars in the frozen foods aisle.

Bravo frozen food and beverage manufacturers. Looking forward to sharing the next set of milestones with you.