Forager Project, a family-owned and operated plant-based food company, announced the launch of an all-new line of Organic, Dairy-Free Ice Cream today that's free of lactose, dairy, soy and gluten and is certified organic and vegan. Made from organic cashewmilk and other simple ingredients, every spoonful of Forager Project's ice cream is delicate in flavor and creamy in texture, offering consumers a dairy-like ice cream experience without compromising taste and environmental impact.

Forager Project's Dairy-Free Ice Cream is available in five flavors, including:

  • Vanilla Bean: Creamy cashewmilk blended with vanilla beans create a classic vanilla flavor that is great by the spoonful or on top of a warm cookie
  • Bittersweet Chocolate: Loads of organic dutch cocoa and a creamy vanilla base create a balanced yet bold bittersweet chocolate
  • Cookies & Cream: Crumbled chocolate sandwich cookies mixed into creamy rich vanilla ice cream is sure to be a cookie lover's delight
  • Salted Caramel: Ready to be scooped or shaked with caramel sweetness blended into a creamy ice cream base
  • Mint Chip: Chocolate bits and pieces are thoroughly mixed throughout a mighty minty base making each bite memorable

"Our expansion into dairy-free ice cream is another step toward achieving our goal to make delicious, organic, plant-based food that leaves people amazed," said Forager Project Co-Founder and CEO Stephen Williamson. "With our hero ingredient, organic cashews, we've created our ice creams to give consumers a delicious dairy-free treat that's full of flavor and taste and free of pesticides, chemicals and GMOs."

Forager Project's new line of Organic Dairy-Free Ice Cream will be available at retailers nationwide this spring for $6.99, including Whole Foods Markets, Natural Grocer's, Market Basket, Earth Fare, and many other retailers nationally. Finding goodness in vegetables, nuts and fruits, Forager Project crafts products in its own California creamery with a small team of artisans. Each product is organic, dairy-free, soy-free, and certified vegan. 

About Forager Project

Since 2013, Forager Project, an organic, plant-based California family-owned and operated food company, has made dairy-free organic products that taste exceptional and are kind to the planet. The company uses its own innovative production, sourcing, and recipe development to create its delicious yogurts, nut milks, cheeses, ice creams, sour cream, kefirs, shakes, butter, and vegetable-based chips. Honoring and respecting nature, Forager Project products are minimally processed and borne from the earth. Forager Project's key ingredient, the cashew, is organic, ethically sourced, and sustainably farmed on small farming cooperatives. Forager Project products are available at national grocers, including Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, Kroger, Safeway, and many other retailers, and online at Instacart, FreshDirect, Imperfect Product, and others.