A new brand of frozen food hits the store shelves this fall. Eathos puts a fresh spin on traditional Italian comfort foods with five vegetarian entrees and four plant-based vegan recipes, all imported from Parma, Italy – the heart of the Italian food valley.

The Eathos team from California partnered with a family-owned, third-generation Italian company to create a line of frozen entrees that embraces the ethos of both Italy and America, pairing old world traditions with recipes designed for the modern palate.

Gene Grant, Brand Director of Eathos, says the new brand capitalizes on the trend toward meat alternative options while maintaining the flavor profile that comes directly from traditional Italian recipes.

"Italy has an authentic culinary ethos that is hard to match," Grant said. "We collaborated with our friends, partners, and chefs in Italy to create a family of plant-based and protein-rich meals that do not sacrifice any of that wonderful old-world flavor."

Eathos entrees debuted in 800 Target stores in October and will be expanding further in 2022.

Frozen Food is trending upward. According to the American Frozen Food Institute, the frozen category was enjoying a surge in popularity even before the COVID lockdown.

People are buying frozen again, and that trend is not going away any time soon.

Industry experts point to several trends that are propelling the frozen category: new technologies food preservation, more flavor diversity, environmental benefits, and new health-conscious offerings, like Eathos.

"We're using healthy ingredients like kale with our spiral pasta, cauliflower in our gnocchi, and a whole bunch of garden veggies in our penne pasta." Grant said.

There are no GMOs and no artificial flavors.