Nortera, a North American leading processor of frozen and canned vegetables, is introducing its leading Arctic Gardens brand to the foodservice market in the U.S. Using a proven preservation and freezing method that allows vegetables to retain their taste, color and nutritional value, Arctic Gardens’ single vegetables and vegetable blends are a convenient and cost-effective option.

Arctic Gardens offers a variety of pre-washed, pre-cut and ready to cook frozen vegetable products. The goal is to make the food preparation process efficient and reliable by saving busy chefs and foodservice professionals invaluable time and labor.

Arctic Gardens’ latest launch features seven on-trend and flavorful products: Fusion blend, Romanesco blend, Kalebanzo blend, Riced Cauliflower, Rice Pilaf, Mirepoix and Roasting Vegetables.

“Foodservice professionals continue to struggle with labor and supply chain issues, making frozen vegetables an innovative and inspiring option that also reduces food waste,” said Kelley Martin, vice president of Sales, North America Foodservice. ”Getting from the field to the freezer takes approximately four hours, and by quickly locking in the fresh flavors, textures and nutritional values, Arctic Gardens becomes the reliable, go-to solution any time of year.”

More than 80% of the Arctic Gardens’ product line is processed in North America. Arctic

About Nortera
With annual sales of $1.15 billion, Nortera is fulfilling its mission to promote health and well-being through plant-based foods. The company is now on every table in North America because of its commitment to providing consumers with healthy, sustainable food. Nortera operates 13 processing plants in Canada and the U.S., dedicated to preparing canned and frozen vegetables. In addition to producing major private labels and retail brands, Nortera also markets its own brands, including Arctic Gardens and Del Monte in Canada as well as Arctic Gardens in the U.S., and employs about 3,000 people in North America.