It's that time of year when all that is nice comes is pumpkin spice! My/Mochi is no exception. The brand will start stocking freezers nationwide with its Pumpkin Spice, as well as Apple Pie á La Mode, mochi ice creams beginning this month.

The Los Angeles-based company makes its own creamy, premium ice cream and wraps it in pillowy rice dough to deliver a cool, dual texture experience in an 80-calorie portioned snack that fits in the palm of your hand.

"At My/Mochi, we love bringing joy to people year-round and we get super excited about our seasonal and holiday flavors because they're fun and unique in the ice cream category," said Brigette Wolf, chief marketing officer, My/Mochi. "Because we make our own ice cream and our own mochi dough, we craft these limited batches fresh for the season and are so excited seeing how people rush to make sure they don't miss out!"

My/Mochi Seasonals are available at select retailers nationwide for an average price of $5.99 for a six-count box.

About My/Mochi
My/Mochi is the original mochi ice cream company, founded in the 1990's by a Japanese baker and American entrepreneur who set up a small shop in Los Angeles, California's Little Tokyo. Since then, the brand has evolved and grown to be the world's largest producer of mochi ice cream. It is available in more than twenty flavors – including Cookies & Cream, Strawberry, Double Chocolate, Mango and S'Mores, as well as dairy-free options and Smoothies. All My/Mochi ice cream is gluten free, soy free, made with milk containing no rBST and non-GMO ingredients. My/Mochi is available at retailers nationwide.