SeaPak Shrimp & Seafood, maker of America's No. 1 specialty frozen shrimp brand, is proud to celebrate its 75th year of business, bringing irresistible flavors to grocers' freezers and kitchen tables since 1948.
SeaPak is marking the milestone with new packaging accompanied by an updated logo that pays homage to the nostalgic brand and its roots. The packaging will begin to hit shelves in the fourth quarter and is an evolution of the classic imagery that SeaPak customers know and love. SeaPak is also promoting its anniversary with a social media contest giving away a year of free SeaPak products. 

"Celebrating 75 years is a perfect opportunity for us to say thank you to our associates, customers, and industry partners who have supported SeaPak and helped build it into the brand it is today," said Ciera Womack, director of Marketing, Seafood, for the Consumer Brands Division of Rich Products Corp., parent company of SeaPak.

SeaPak Shrimp & Seafood Co. started as the Sea Island Packing Company off the coast of Georgia in 1948. Within a year, the company had pioneered a process — Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) — to "flash freeze" locally caught shrimp, locking in their original state of freshness. It's a process that has become industry standard to this day.

A few years later, the company had changed its name to the SeaPak Corporation and launched an exciting new product: peeled, deveined, quick-frozen shrimp that it marketed throughout the Southeast. Soon, SeaPak branched into other products like breaded shrimp and fish sticks, and it began utilizing airplanes to deliver its delicious frozen offerings to grocers across the country. SeaPak's founding mission was to make seafood accessible to all, which it proudly upholds today.

Rich Products, one of the nation's top suppliers of high-quality food, acquired SeaPak Shrimp & Seafood Co. in 1976, and helped it grow into the nation's No. 1.-selling retail shrimp brand in the frozen specialty seafood category. SeaPak offers a variety of coastal-inspired seafood favorites, including top sellers like Jumbo Butterfly Shrimp, Popcorn Shrimp, and Shrimp Scampi.

SeaPak is also known for its commitment to responsible sourcing and sustainability; it hosts regular coastal cleanups; and it partners with nonprofits focused on environmental causes.