Get ready to start your day with splash of nostalgia.  All-new Nestlé Sensations Frosted Flakes Cereal Flavored Milk and Eggo Maple Waffle Flavored Milk is a team-up with two iconic Kellogg brands, here to help fans rediscover the joys of their favorite childhood breakfasts in a whole new (and deliciously drinkable) way.  

 “Breakfast is synonymous with cereal and waffles, and fans will be able to shake up their morning routine with a drinkable way to enjoy the taste of both,” said Meaghan Sparkman, Nestlé USA general manager and Marketing director for the Ready-to-Drink Business Unit. “Inspired by two Kellogg classics, new Nestlé Sensations Frosted Flakes Cereal and Sensations Eggo Maple Waffle combines the magic of childhood meals with the delicious flavor of our iconic milk beverages, delivering a delightful taste to our fans nationwide.” 

  • Nestlé Sensations Frosted Flakes Cereal Flavored Milk (14 fluid ounces; MSRP $2.59, prices may vary by retailer): Tap into your inner child with this flavored milk that tastes like it’s straight from the bottom of the cereal bowl. The best part? No bowl or spoon required. Featuring the beloved taste of frosted cornflakes, complete with a rich and creamy dairy finish, you experience your favorite childhood cereal on-the-go. You simply can’t go wrong with Frosted Flakes – they’re G-R-R-R-EAT! 
  • Nestlé    Sensations Eggo Maple Waffle Flavored Milk (14 fluid ounces; MSRP $2.59, prices may vary by retailer): Enjoy the delicious flavors of Eggo waffles without the toaster. Packed with notes of toasty waffles, warm butter and sweet maple syrup, this flavored milk bottles classic Eggo flavors for fans to enjoy whenever, wherever.   

The new milks hit shelves at retailers nationwide beginning in November.