Crossover Meats is more than a different concept for meat. It’s the future of consuming delicious, better-for-you protein that has a significantly lower impact on the environment.  By blending wholesome chicken with beef, pork or lamb in their patented recipe, Crossover is poised to shake up the alternative protein and beef industries with an all-natural real meat product that delivers health, sustainability and price benefits.

“I’m a strong believer in the plant-based food movement as the future of food,” said vegan founder and CEO Michelle Adelman. “But the price barrier and behavior change required is proving difficult to change consumer behavior quickly. We need real sustainable options now to fight climate change that meet consumer needs for price, performance, and convenience.”

Crossover Meats feature all-natural, 100% wholesome ingredients with zero fillers, mechanically separated meat, additives, soy, allergens or gluten. Compared to 100% beef, pork, and lamb, Crossover Meats uses up to 50% less land, 40% less water, and produces up to 50% less greenhouse gas emissions. 

Crossover Meats cook from a frozen format and are convenient and affordable for busy families, singles and students.
They are manufactured by Crossover Foods’ partner, Jensen Meat Company.