Bosch Packaging Technology presents a thermoforming clean-fill (TFC) machine that clean-fills fresh products and foods requiring a cooling chain such as yogurts and desserts. The production of multiple cup and label heights without tool changes allows manufacturers to adapt the machine to different production and market needs. The cylindrical thermoforming mold can be automatically adjusted by the user and is then synchronized with the labeling system.

The wrap-around labeling system features a central cutting blade, allowing the operator to adjust sizes by changing the label reel, thus minimizing downtime. The system also consistently positions the labels so the front is always facing the outside of a multipack, making the package more attractive to consumers at the point-of-purchase.

With a closed stainless-steel frame, the TFC ensures a hygienic production environment and low maintenance. Having all drives located on top, the TFC eliminates the possibility of product accumulating under the film web level. Plus, the new TFC has an operational height of one meter, and features a step-shaped frame, allowing operators of any height to reach all areas for cleaning and maintenance.

The TFC utilizes servo-driven contact plates to preheat plastic material, enabling better energy transfer and reduced energy costs compared to pneumatic drives in similar machines.

Bosch Packaging Technology Inc.