Refrigerated and frozen foods are an important part of the new Archer Farms Simply Balanced food line from Target Corp.

The Minneapolis retailer describes its new line as "built around better-for-you nutrition that’s budget friendly." Archer Farms Simply Balanced includes more than 70 products, such as pasta, cereal, bread, crackers, granola bars and frozen pizza.

New frozen offerings include pizza, entrees and prepared meal kits. Simply Balanced refrigerated foods include deli soups, fruit and vegetable smoothies and meats.

Target says all Archer Farms Simply Balanced products meet a set of criteria that includes guidelines for calories, fat, saturated fat, and sugar. Products also are free of artificial flavorings, synthetic colors and has zero grams trans fats. Officials say the new line also is affordable, with prices ranging from $1.48 for whole wheat pasta to $5.49 for chicken skewers.
Clear nutrition goals, labeling
Target says it makes guest shopping easier by offering foods that meet the following criteria, which are clearly labeled on the front of the packaging:  

    * Fat: A maximum of 30 percent calories from fat
    * Saturated Fat: A maximum of 10 percent calories from saturated fat
    * Trans Fat: 0 grams trans fat
    * Sugar: A maximum 25 percent of calories from added sugar
    * Food Additives: No artificial flavors, synthetic colors or artificial sweeteners

Officials note that each item in the Archer Farms Simply Balanced line also is a good or excellent source of one beneficial nutrient, such as a protein or fiber, or includes a food group to encourage such as whole grains, vegetables or fruit.
New tastes and more
Simply Balanced includes pomegranate fruit bars, butternut squash and apple soup, Mediterranean-style vegetable pizza and whole-wheat penne pasta. Officials say even more family-friendly food offerings -- such as juice and veggie chips -- will make their way to store shelves in the coming year.
Priced right
Target says Archer Farms Simply Balanced offers guests a wide range of delicious foods at wallet-friendly prices, making it simple to choose better-for-you options for family dining and snacking.
Almond Fiber Crunch Breakfast Cereal is $3.99, while Dark Chocolate Cherry Healthy Snack Bars are $2.49 per box.  An entrée/dinner kit of Garlic & Ranch Primavera, which serves about five, is $4.49.