When hunger pains strike, there’s no turning back. From there, it’s the constant nagging and throbbing of your insides saying, “Feed me, feed me.”

What better way to fend off those pesky hunger pains than to dive into a scrumptious piece of meat or seafood? Today’s meat, poultry and seafood processors offer foods that fight hunger—and more.

Fire braised. The foodservice division of Hormel Foods, Hormel, Minn., introduced a new line of Fire Braised Meats, including Boneless Pork Shoulder, Boneless Chicken Thighs and St. Louis Style Pork Ribs. These fully cooked meats are flame-seared on all sides, then slow cooked for classic braised tenderness.

Loaded with spice. The Broaster Co., Beloit, Wis., enhanced the dining experience with a spicy 4-ounce chicken filet sandwich, along with six on-trend dipping sauces, available in 1.25-ounce dipping cups and a gallon-size jug with a pump for countertop or back-of-the-house use.

Franks full of flavor. The John Morrell Food Group, a Lisle, Ill.-based subsidiary of Smithfield Foods, introduced 40% lower sodium franks for foodservice operators. Sold under the Armour and John Morrell brands, John Morrell uses a patented all-natural sodium replacer to give each frank a 2-ounce equivalent to beef/pork blends. Plus, they are CN-labeled for school lunch menus.

Sustainably sound seafood. New Zealand-based New Zealand King Salmon Co. launched Ora King, a best-of-breed king salmon. The salmon are nurtured throughout their life-cycle, minimizing stress and fatigue, and are humanely harvested using a percussive stunning method based on the traditional Japanese Ike Jime technique. Once the Ora King salmon complete their journey to the processing facility, each one undergoes a thorough cleaning, washing, grading and preparation process. Master graders then review each fish against standards for size, color and quality. Once approved, an individually-numbered Ora King gill tag is attached to indicate authenticity of origin and traceability. The salmon are shipped in the newly designed Ora King carton, a recyclable, insulated container. The majority of Ora King salmon are sold whole or as fillets.

A.C. Covert Distributors, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, launched an exclusive brand of wild-caught seafood. Catch that meets strict product specifications will be sourced from local fishers around the province, then branded and sold under the label Jail Island Seafood. The initial lineup is expected to be hook-and-line caught halibut, haddock and swordfish. Besides being fresh and local, Jail Island Seafood is tightly inspected to ensure no gaping, bruising or discoloration. Product will be coded for traceability back to the vessel and date of catch.

Trident Seafoods Corp., Seattle, Wash., expanded its PubHouse seafood line to include Golden Ale Beer-Battered Seafood. Made with real beer batter, this Golden Ale product offers a light crunch and flaky texture that is said to look and taste homemade.

Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Acme Smoked Fish Corp. partnered with Crepini, Pleasantville, N.Y., to create Wild Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese Crepes, which combine Acme’s signature Smoked Wild-Caught Alaskan Salmon with cream cheese and all-natural ingredients in a classic pancake shell. Each 11-ounce tray includes five substantial crepes that are ready to be served or eaten either cold or heated.

Clear Springs Foods, Buhl, Idaho, added an on-trend item to its line of products—new Premium Swai Portions, the all-white, slightly sweet fish. Available in 1- to 3-ounce portions, they come in Tortilla Crusted, Parmesan Crusted and Sriracha Spicy varieties.

With options like these, you can fight those hunger pains with foods that are equipped for the challenge.

 To learn more about these and other new meat, poultry and seafood items, go to http://bit.ly/19VCNBi