Meanwhile, Alpina Greek with Artisan Granolas come packaged with certified gluten-free granola mix-ins from Udi’s Gluten Free, Denver, Colo. Alpina Greek withAlpina Greek yogurt with granola Artisan Granolas are available in Blueberry with Almond Berry Granola, Strawberry with Almond Berry Granola, Vanilla Bean with Chai Spices Granola, Honey with Chai Spices Granola, Mango with Tropical Chia Granola, Peach with Tropical Chia Granola and Plain with Superfoods Granola.

Both products are created using an authentic straining process, and are the combination of the simplest ingredients—milk, active bacteria cultures and fruit.

 “We made the decision to change the brand architecture of Alpina yogurts to increase the presence of our products on store shelves and simplify our portfolio,” says Gustavo Badino, general manger. “We believe this expansion will be received well in the marketplace, as consumers are continually searching for unique and exciting Greek yogurt options that are delicious and healthy.”