CAS DataLoggers, Chesterland, Ohio, supplied a temperature alarm solution for fresh catches of fish and shellfish as well as sashimi and sushi rolled onsite. CAS DataLoggers fish temp

Strict temperature control is the most effective way to slow bacterial growth and maintain seafood quality. That’s why the I-Plug Plus USB Temperature Data Loggers is an effective stand-alone solution. Each portable data logger continually records the food’s temperature via internal sensor at a wide range of -22°F to 158°F. Workers start each logger with the press of a button, while the LEDs show temperature status at a glance. The temperature recorders have a sensor response time of 90 seconds. And, unlike other single-use dataloggers, the I-Plugs are equipped with a smart stop button that sets them to bookmark readings but keeps them recording until stopped or until the memory is full.

It’s easy to sterilize the included pouches and place the temperature loggers in the display cases to get accurate readings. The dataloggers can operate without any issues at low temperatures, giving workers an easy way to conduct seafood inspections on the fly. The data loggers show a bright red alarm light when the selectable temperature range goes too high over a certain period of time, and other status lights show whenever product temperatures are OK or Under. Each I-Plug Plus logger has a 5,000 sample memory and a 1-year battery life. Sampling rate is user-selectable. This way the vendor can instantly recognize and throw out any product that has already started to go bad before it gets that sour “fishy” smell. The data loggers are recyclable and include free software as an online download.

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