To help chefs and foodservice operators meet the growing diner demand, US Foods, Rosemont, Ill., introduced its “Serve Good” line, featuring a wide range of products, including cage-free eggs, sustainable seafood and more.

“The demand for sustainable options when dining out continues to grow,” says Stacie Sopinka, vice president, product development and innovation. “In fact, nearly 70% of diners say they would have a better impression of a restaurant that offered sustainable foods. With the high-quality, on-trend and sustainable items in Serve Good, we can help our customers deliver what their diners want and stay competitive in this changing marketplace.”

Each of the 21 Serve Good products are responsibly sourced or contribute to waste reduction while also bringing the benefits of versatility and time and labor savings in the kitchen.

The line includes:

Chef’s Line All Natural Turkey Breast Roast, a tender, skin-on turkey roast made from turkeys that are vegetarian-fed and raised without antibiotics.

Harbor Banks Barramundi, a sustainably sourced, ocean-farmed whitefish on its way to earning 4-star certification under the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) standards.

Monarch Eggless Spread, also known as the miracle mayonnaise alternative, it is made with vegetable protein, which when compared to animal protein, uses 5-10 times less water and requires one tenth of the land.

Chef’s Line Guacamole, a premium, high-pressure processed (HPP) guacamole made with clean ingredients like hand-scooped avocados, red onion and cilantro. All Natural Maplewood Smoked Uncured Ham, an all-natural Maplewood smoked uncured ham raised without antibiotics and with no hormones added.

All Natural Roast Beef, a premium roast beef that boasts flavor-open-rack-roasted and hand-rubbed with cracked black pepper.

MSC Certified Skip Jack Tuna Salad,a sustainability sourced tuna that satisfies a growing demand for sustainable foods without sacrificing great taste.