Patrick Cudahy introduced All Natural Uncured Black Forest Thick Cut Bacon. Produced through the company’s exclusive smoking process—slowly and naturally smoking—and using hardwood chips, this bacon is crafted to meet consumer demand for cleaner, leaner and minimally processed meats without sacrificing hardwood smoked flavor. This bacon comes in 20-ounce packages at select grocery stores throughout Wisconsin.


Allen Harim introduced Oasis All Natural Chicken, a new name and look for its Halal chicken products, replacing its current Al Mazra’ ah Halal brand. Oasis All Natural Chicken is produced, packaged and certified to the highest Halal standards according to Sharia Law. It is also 100% vegetarian fed and hormone and steroid free. The new Oasis All Natural Chicken is sold in local grocery stores throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions.


Smithfield Foods’ Armour Sauce & Meatballs are a fully cooked meal solution; simply heat in the microwaveable bag, then add pasta or a sub roll. This meal solution comes in Original Meatballs in Marinara Sauce and Original Meatballs in Spicy Arrabbiata Sauce in 20-ounce microwaveable bags, available in the frozen food section of select grocers nationwide.


Somma Food Group launched Chickentopia brand fully cooked, uncured chicken franks and mini corn dogs, a retail-inspired product that adheres to strict school nutrition guidelines. The Chickentopia line boasts an extensive list of clean label attributes, including the utilization of chicken that has never, ever been given antibiotics and never, ever fed animal byproducts, as well as no added nitrates, nitrites or fillers.


GNP Co. expanded its Gold’n Plump brand to now include new lines of chicken meatballs and sliced sausages that can be ready in as little as 20 minutes. Made of coarse-ground, 100% quality, boneless, skinless thigh meat raised with no antibiotics–ever and only real ingredients, the new chicken meatballs are fully cooked and sold frozen in resealable, zip-top, gusseted bags. Varieties include Homestyle (made of American-style breadcrumb, rosemary and low-sodium chicken broth) and Pesto Italian (made of Romano, Parmesan and aged Asiago cheeses and roasted garlic). Meanwhile, the chicken sausages are chef-inspired, feature a 3/8-inch bias cut, coarse-grind visible ingredients and natural pork casing for a traditional sausage bite. Varieties include Italian Cheese & Peppers (made of aged Parmesan and Asiago cheeses, red and green peppers and paprika) and Hickory Smoked (made with brown sugar, rosemary and hickory smoke flavor). Each 18-ounce bag boasts a suggested retail price of $6.99.


Vermont Smoke & Cure added a new line of craft pork sausages to its line of meats and meat snacks, available at select Whole Foods and independent grocers in the Northeast. The Hard Cider Bratwurst offers a taste of Citizen Cider’s Unified Press Hard Cider, which is crafted locally with New York state-sourced apples, while the Blue Cheese Bratwurst is stuffed with Bayley Hazen Blue Cheese from Jasper Hill Farm. The Bacon Bratwurst offers a signature flavor, made with Vermont Smoke & Cure’s own maple and cider brined bacons, which are cob and maple smoked in the company’s state-of-the-art smokehouse. Other varieties include Sweet Italian and Chorizo.