Lait Kaiser and Cult Yogourt announced plans to purchase Chagnon Dairy, a Canada-based independent creamery and milk brand.

“My grandfather started out with a milk run in Waterloo, Quebec, and it blossomed into a well-known creamery, brand and private label manufacturer,” says Denis Chagnon, Chagnon Dairy’s owner and general manager. “We are honored by the strong support our loyal customers have shown us over the years, making Chagnon a household name throughout Quebec. I wanted to sell to local entrepreneurs that could develop Chagnon and new dairy products, and I know our legacy will live on thanks to the values of Lait Kaiser and Cult Yogourt.”

“We are committed to innovation in the Canadian dairy industry with premium dairy products. This acquisition gives us a versatile 30,000-square-foot creamery with its own milk run that will allow us to scale to become a top dairy brand across North America,” says Nathan Kaiser, president of Lait Kaiser and the Vita Lait non-GMO milk brand.

“Lait Kaiser and Cult Yogourt align strategically because both companies are disrupting the Quebec dairy industry with innovative products like non-GMO single-farm origin milk and easier-to-digest Jersey cow whole milk cultured dairy products,” says Adam Coape-Arnold, Cult Yogourt president. “We could not have found better partners than the Kaiser family.”

“I am extremely proud to be part of the Chagnon legacy. It is one of Quebec’s last independent dairies, and has developed an innovative and authentic expertise in dairy, which meshes well with our approach at Cult,” says Eloise Grondin-Bouchard, Cult Yogourt founder and artisan. “As a child growing up in nearby Dunham, Quebec, Chagnon milk was on my table every morning for breakfast. I am glad that Denis and Luc Chagnon have agreed to stay on with us to teach us their mastery of dairy transformation.”

Chagnon produces over 4 million liters of fluid milk, butter, ice cream and other dairy products. Its milk run of 20 farms transports 10 million liters of milk each year.