About 94% of Americans admit to throwing food away at home, according to a new national survey by the American Dairy Association Mideast, Columbus, Ohio. In fact, the average family wastes nearly a third of the food they buy, with the average American tossing 250 pounds of food each year.

“Imagine coming home with four bags of groceries and throwing one straight into the trash. That’s really what is happening in most households,” says Karen Bakies, vice president of nutrition affairs. “Whether people are over-purchasing groceries or getting tired of their leftovers, too much food is being thrown away in America.”

The survey found the top reason for throwing away food at home is that it’s past its expiration date, while 60% toss food because they didn’t think it was safe to eat.

“A family of four could save up to $2,000 by wasting less food, but it’s not just great for your family, it’s also great for your community. Just half of that money is enough to provide over 8,000 meals to those in need.” says Bakies. “And, if you do find yourself with extra groceries, donate them to a local food pantry rather than letting them go to waste.”