Serendipity Brands, New York, introduced new super-premium ice cream cakes and Serendipity Sundae cups, inspired by the New York City-based restaurant Serendipity 3.

The ice cream cakes come in Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, which is hot chocolate-flavored ice cream, a whipped cream swirl and chocolate shavings, and Birthday Cake, cake-flavored ice cream, swirls of pink frosting, cake pieces and sprinkles.

Each 8-inch cake boasts a suggested retail price of $24.99.

Meanwhile, the new Serendipity Sundae cups are ready-to-eat, and come in Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, Birthday Cake, Cookie Dough and Salted Caramel for a suggested retail price of $2.99 each.

“With such a tasty history behind the Serendipity name, we were excited to launch earlier this year to reach Serendipity fans across the country,” says Sal Pesce, president. “The two new products are just the beginning, as we look to the future to continue expanding the reach of the brand.”

Serendipity also unveiled three new ice cream flavors—Very Cherry Chunk, Dulce de Leche and Salty Caramel Pretzel.

The sundaes and ice cream cakes are sold at major participating retailers nationwide.